Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mt. Vernon

"No estate in United America is
more pleasantly situated than this."

- George Washington

We had a perfect day to visit Mt. Vernon last week. I had wanted to take the kids several months ago as we learned about Washington in our history studies, but it was covered in snow. I think this time of year was much better. And my parents were able to come with us.

the greenhouse and gardens

We spent a lot of time playing in Washington's front yard.

"Within this Enclosure Rest the remains of Gen. George Washington"

the Pioneer Farm site : A working farm, treading barn, animals.

We all enjoyed the day so much, I payed the extra few dollars per ticket to upgrade to an annual pass. I'm sure it is beautiful in the fall, and at Christmas when the mansion is decorated.

There are so many places in this area... so little time....

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  1. I bought a state park pass this year. It's already a big win. I am *envious* of a mt. vernon pass. Oh! The joy! can't wait to see holiday pictures. there really is so little time to do what all is out there. I really, really enjoyed Monticello, but still have yet to see Mt. Vernon, perhaps it is to be, but for now we'll be touring some beautiful state parks here in GA. love the photos-



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