Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Back to Butler's for blueberries.

Just-picked, warmed-by-the-sun morsels of deliciousness.

I am sure Peter ate a quart of them.

A picnic lunch with friends in the shade. Several trips down the slides.

Ending with blueberry cobbler and vanilla ice cream.
All the makings of a very good day.


  1. That cobbler looks so good! I just used the last of our Aussie summer harvest in my cereal this morning. I'll have to wait for our summer in January before we can pick more... Jealous!

  2. we did this in jacksonville (on the westside) about two weeks ago. it was sooo fun! it was such a neat experience for the kids.
    now they know blueberries don't come from publix!!



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