Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of School

We had a great first day! The kids (and I) were eager to begin and bring some order and direction to our days again. All three of them were up and dressed at 6:00 this morning... maybe a little too eager to start "doing school" again.

Hannah planned to make a special breakfast (Hide-and-Seek Muffins from our favorite kid cookbook, Pretend Soup). Very cute. And yummy.

The day went very well. It was beautiful here... cool and fall-like. We opened up all the windows. Breezed through our lessons. (Hannah was thrilled with the easing you in/review lessons for everything today.) And the kids spent most of the afternoon outside.

And, of course, we had to have a First Day special afternoon snack. Peter told me the other day that I never make cupcakes. So, I made cupcakes.

Celebrating Life : 1000 Gifts

The continuing gift list

Celebrating twelve years of marriage to my best friend.

Romantic dinner out with free babysitting.

Celebrating birthdays of wonderful friends.

And a very special first birthday.

Handfuls of cake.

Chubby little fingers.

A husband/dad/friend home again safely after six months in Iraq.

Joyful anticipation about starting another year of school at home.

Celebrating with a friend sharing the news of a long prayed for pregnancy.

Life to the full.

holy experience

Sunday, August 30, 2009

12 Years

At a beautiful, historic church in Virginia,
on a sunny, August afternoon,
we were married.

And on our way to a birthday party yesterday, we drove past the church. All of us hopped out of the car and Hannah took this silly picture.

The kids there with us. The family that started twelve years ago today.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Friends and Family : 1000 Gifts

Truly. My cup overflows. As I look back on the past few weeks, I am overwhelmed my God's goodness.

The gift list continues...

Time with my parents in Florida. Lazy days.

A family-filled day at Fernandina Beach. Salt air. Sand castles. Boogie boards.

A day to sit and chat with friends who used to live here. Now a short drive from my parents to Oviedo. Meeting baby Charlotte.

Will, Naomi, and Hannah

Peter and Mary
Reconnecting with old friends. Our children playing together.
Kristin and six of her nine sweet kids.

Pool day with Amie and Cindy and all of our little people.
God's protection as we traveled up and down 95. Three children who make the best of long days strapped in the car.

A long weekend at the lake. My husband's family.

Pure fun. Jumping off the dock. All day long.

Getting to know a sweet little nephew.

Sunset boat rides.

( 0031.5 Molly safely back from the Doll Hospital with a new head. Grin. )

Cool night air. Sleeping with open windows and the sounds of the lake.

Just floating.

holy experience

Monday, August 3, 2009

Health and Home : 1000 Gifts

Making the best of a day of cancelled activities because of a sick little brother.
Well-built forts. Binder clips.

A fever quickly gone.
0020 Finishing a fun summer read, The Penderwicks, and chartering her own M.O.S.S. (Meeting Of 'S' (last name) Siblings) and M.O.O.S., Meeting Of Older S's (after the MOOPS and MOPS of the 4 Penderwick sisters.) A home full of friends.
Three creative minds all with hopes to add wheels. Laughing when their plans don't succeed.
The timeliness of really amazing hand-me-down toys. The generosity of friends.

... abounding in thanksgiving. Colossians 2:7

the continuing gift list

holy experience


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