Monday, June 1, 2009

Beautiful Feet Books

Hannah started talking a few months ago about wanting to study American History next year. My planner self wanted to say "Sorry, we'll be studying the middle ages. We're going in order here." But I put the plan aside and decided to do a little research for my American Girl/Little House on the Prairie loving daughter.

(We won't make it to the Molly years, but the Felicity books are her favorites.)

After looking around, I've settled on an Early American History study for next year. A Charlotte Mason devoted friend pointed me to Beautiful Feet Books and I was able to visit their booth at the Pennsylvania homeschool convention last month. We will be using the Early American History Study Guide (for Primary Grades) from their History through Literature series. I am also going to incorporate a study of the states using part of My Father's World, "Adventures" curriculum. I am very excited about taking this little history detour. Hannah is thrilled and it'll be a good fit for Will in Kindergarten, too.

Our literature approach will include the following:
(Beautiful Feet Books sells this in a pack - "Lowest Price Guarantee")

America's Providential History, Belies and McDowell
Leif the Lucky, D'Aulaire
Columbus, D'Aulaire
Pocahontas, D'Aulaire
Jamestown, New World Adventure, Knight
Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims, Bulla
Stories of the Pilgrims, Pumphrey
The Pilgrims of Plimouth Colony, Sewall
Five Kernels of Corn, (American History in Verse) Stevenson
Benjamin Franklin, D'Aulaire
A More Perfect Union, Mastro
George Washington, D'Aulaire
Boys and Girls of Colonial Days, Bailey
Winter at Valley Forge, Knight
George Washington's Breakfast, Fritz
The Courage of Sarah Noble, Cary
The Matchlock Gun, Edmonds
Abraham Lincoln, D'Aulaire
Meet Abraham Lincoln, Cary
Buffalo Bill, D'Aulaire
Your Story Hour CDs

And the field trip possibilities... oh my! I'm compiling a list. Jamestown is at the top. I'm exciting about taking full advantage of all DC and the surrounding area has to offer.


  1. I think you are a wise woman to follow her interests. I love your choices!

  2. definitely let me know when you are headed this way for Jamestown and Williamsburg! We would love to go with you, and you are always welcome to stay here if you want- it'd be lots of crazy fun, all of us in our little house! I've been thinking about American history too, but will probably save it for next year.

  3. I have this planned for NEXT year already (2010-2011). :) Sad, isn't it? I've been collecting the books from paperbackswap for the most part - and we're really looking forward to it!

  4. Hi Jennifer--delighted to find your blog and your entry about Beautiful Feet. You probably met my husband Russ when you attended the PA convention. We are just starting a FB page and have linked your blog. Hope you get some fun comments. Let us know how your studies go! If you have any questions please let us know!
    Rea Berg, Beautiful Feet Books



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