Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stepping Stones with Grandpa

When my dad was here last week he made these stepping stones with the kids. We just took them out of the trays (round, plastic, potted plant trays). The kids are so pleased with them. All it took was a bag of concrete, glass beads, 3 plastic trays... and a grandpa. Now to find the perfect spot in the yard... the muddy path where they have worn away the grass? the path to the their fort? by the fairy houses?

Thanks so much, Dad!

And just for fun... this is what Peter is up to today.
He is a constant celebration and combination of sport...

Liverpool soccer uniform, Hannah's soccer socks, Nationals hat and garden gloves while playing a combination of baseball and golf.
I love that kid.

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  1. Have I commented before? I don't think so...but I follow. I LOVE these stepping stones. Just wish I would have thought of that in time to get done before Father's Day. But it is in my filing box now!!
    Thank you for sharing!!



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