Tuesday, June 15, 2010


We decided to commit to a CSA (half share) and are thrilled to be receiving this weekly box of beauty all summer.

This is only the second week of the season. Already, I have enjoying finding new recipes for all those vegetables that I would not normally buy a the store. Our farm also provides us with recipes to go with what is in the box that week (so thankful for that!). The kids tastes will most certainly be expanded this summer... as will mine. Swiss chard for example - I'm not sure if I have ever had it and I really like it! And I love that it was all grown just down the road... and we even can go there and pick it ourselves.

A few months ago, I mentioned here that I was looking at CSAs and local grass-fed beef/milk suppliers. Cleary, we found a great CSA and are excited about this first season. As far as beef goes, we eat very little meat so buying a share of a cow would be silly. Rocklands Farm may supply beef in the future and I will revisit it then. For now I am buying an occasional pack of grass-fed beef at Whole Foods. I did find a local milk delivery that was already coming to my neighborhood, but it was pricey - more than what I was spending at Whole Foods for grass-fed/organic. So, I'm sticking to Whole Foods for beef and milk. It's oh-so-nice to have one about a mile away.


  1. These types of CSAs are exactly what we hope will supply our main income when we farm! Wish you still lived in Auburn. We hope to deliver there, as well as other surrounding cities!

  2. Sounds fantastic! A win/win for you AND the local farmer-- I love that! We've been seriously considering this option as our own little garden is just that... little, and our produce pickings are more like treats than staples. So thanks a bunch for the link-- I'll have to see if it's not too late to join.

    On another note-- any interest in posting any favorite meatless meals or recipes?? Until recently we've been your typical meat & potatoes kind of family (that's how both hubby and I grew up); now I'm trying to incorporate less meat in our diet... I just don't know where to start!

    Anyhoo, hope you're enjoying summer... hope you're enjoying the heat!! Happy Wednesday :)

  3. I am looking into one here in Albuquerque! It's such a great thing and it's in abundance out here! I would love to get some good recipes when you figure out what to do with some of those yummy veggies!



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