Saturday, June 25, 2011


picking blueberries ... a perfect summer day

We did convince Will to eat ONE. This kid is not a fan of fruit... but he will happily drink smoothies. Have I mentioned my wonderful husband bought me a Vitamix for my birthday? We are living in smoothie heaven these days.

We waited til Friday (pastor-husband's day off) so dad could come.

We bought our 20 pounds (!) of blueberries and sat in the shade while the kids played in the meadows around the farm.
Summertime dreaminess.

and then comes the

Monday, June 20, 2011

National Building Museum

We started the day with a class - City by Design (it was homeschool day at the NBM). As city planners, the kids each constructed a different type of building and discussed where to best place it.

Will decided this city needed a soccer stadium.

After class we headed up to the LEGO Architecture exhibit. Amazing.

The rest of our visit was spent in LEGO paradise.

The building is beautiful! Built in the 1880's to house the Pension Bureau and to provide a suitably grand space for Washington’s social and political functions (the Great Hall).

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Oh My!

It has been 3 weeks since I last posted! Yikes! My parents have made it very clear that this lack of photos is not working for them. So, here's an attempt to wrap up the last weeks with some pictures...

Peter's class had a year end field trip to Mrs. B's farm.

The end of Pre-K - Peter and his teachers

Just a sample of artwork sent home with Peter on the last day...with this caption...
It seems I have quite a bit of power. : )

Last day of school silliness.
And on to strawberry picking at Butler's...
with our crazy friends.
Oh, and we have enjoyed many make up soccer games in June's heat, end-of-season soccer parties, swim practices every day,
and a piano recital...

(last year her feet didn't touch the floor...)

And the highlight of this past week... a preview of our new American Girl store! My dear friend Laurel somehow got us reservations for the "Friends and Family" complimentary dinner at the American Girl Bistro 4 days BEFORE it opened. Hannah was over the moon!

We were actually there when they ripped the paper off the windows!

Kit, Hannah, Elizabeth, Lindsay

We are inside!... still a little left to finish before the opening.
Dinner at the Bistro complete with seats and place settings for the dolls.
And the hair salon needed some extra practice, so all the dolls were taken away dolls for free styling while we ate. : )

And there's more to come. It's been too long.


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