Thursday, July 31, 2008


I've been tagged by Heidi at Mt. Hope. I really enjoy her blog - creative decorating, beautiful photography, insightful book reviews, homeschool helps... you should visit, you'll love it! This is my first ever tagging. I should be folding laundry, but...

1. Where have you traveled? Sigh. I long to travel. When they get older... I will. I will. I will. So far... Countless trips up and down the East Coast. I've seen a bit of Canada. I've only been west of the Mississippi River a handful of times. My favorite places in the US so far... Maine's coast and La Jolla. How's that for opposite poles? I traveled to Israel, Jordan, and Egypt in 2000 with my husband. Incredible!

2. Where would you like to live? I love our house. I love DC, but I think I could live anywhere. Anywhere that is clean, safe, near family and has good food. : ) We lived in New England for three years and I could have stayed forever. I've never lived in the country and I've always wondered if I would like it.

3. What is your decorating style? Simple. Uncluttered. Casual. Comfortable. Styles I admire.... Arts and Crafts, Shaker, Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs.... I'm a mess. I mean Eclectic.

4. How many times have you been married? Once. To my best friend. Eleven years ago this month. We were both bringing in 1996 in Times Square when we met for the first time. After we graduated from different colleges later that year, we both moved to Northern Virginia. Re-met that September. Immediately fell in love. He asked me to marry him February 1, 1997 and we were married 6 months later.

5. What is your favorite color? hmmm... To decorate with: Red. To wear: Green. To paint my toenails: Pink.

6. What is your proudest accomplishment? My children... Hannah, Will, Peter... by the abundant grace of God. I am proud to be their mom.

7. What would we be absolutely shocked to learn about you? I was my high school mascot. A horse in a big brown furry suit. Yep. And that is so not me.

Now for the tagging... how about Kit at Kit and Her Caboodle and Amy at Little White Schoolhouse.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Almost Finished

Counters were installed on Friday!

We loaded up the fridge!

I found these great stools at Target.

The range and dishwasher are not hooked up yet.

This was supposed to be a monkey/banana eating face. Hmmm.

And, yes, I know booster seats on backless stools
don't meet any child safety codes.
The boys can actually maneuver them quite well.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Kitchen Update

Again, I apologize for so many kitchen updates. They're for my dad.
Countertops are supposed to be installed tomorrow.
The appliances are just for show. Nothing is hooked up.

Our Vacation

Where we spent 90% of our time.

Peter's Half-Birthday. Anything for cake.

Catching up with Amie. Friends since 7th grade.

Our combined children.

One relaxed six year-old.

Home Again

We're home! The car ride was as pleasant as it could be. The kids were so exhausted. I think they actually appreciated a day of physical inactivity. My husband was thrilled to have us fill the house again.

A few of my favorite things about being in Jacksonville...

  1. Sweet iced tea and the pace of life that accompanies it.
  2. Live Oak lined streets with Spanish Moss garland.
  3. A nightly bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream, giggling, and going through old photos with my mom.
  4. The sound of the summer night. Frogs and crickets put on quite a show.
  5. The lack of mosquitoes. They are so much worse in DC. I didn't put bug spray on the kids once.
  6. My parents' backyard pool. (And the comfort of the alarm on the back door)
  7. Ease of errands. Not once did I parallel park, park underground, or pay for parking.
  8. A cul-de-sac for bikes and scooters, tree swings in the yard.
  9. Seeing old friends at the grocery store. And the friendliest cashiers on the east coast. Publix - there is nothing like it.
  10. Being with family. Not just Mom and Dad... my sister, brother-in-law, niece, aunt, uncle, close family friends.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Sunshine State

The kids and I are spending about 1o days down at my parents in Florida. My husband was left to work and handle all the kitchen details. Ten days in the house without the kids - oh, the things I could get done! And the sleep I would get! He is really missing us and telling me the house is too quiet (?). I'm sure I would not enjoy the solitude as much as I think I would. When we return in the middle of next week, the kitchen will be nearly complete. Hooray!

In the meantime, we are enjoying our vacation (and my parents' kitchen). It is so easy to be here. My parents are very helpful, love to play, and feed us well. Will has learned to swim in their pool (mark that off my To Do list for Summer - and please don't ask about the rest of it. Grin.) I found a homeschool store in town yesterday and picked up a few things. This morning we are off to the beach....

I'll post photos when we get home next week... after I recover from the *13 hour* drive.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Lake

The CottageFishing with Dad

The Green Pond Parade Cousins

The ice cream stand.
Place of my husband's first date.
Funny... we saw the girl and her 3 kids there, too. : )

From the top of the mountain, you can see Manhattan.
But it feels a million miles away.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What Happens...

when dad takes you to the barber shop. Oh my.


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