Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving in Boca Grande


The water was cold, but there was no keeping him out of it.

Not even sharks being caught all around us. "Mom, they are so small." I didn't let him go very far.
This seems safer. 

Freedom to bike all over the island = kid heaven.

This banyan tree is a wonder! And so fun to climb! 
It was a blast to spend six days with Uncle Mark.

Nana and Papa with all the kiddos.
This is their favorite way to get around.
I'm telling you, it's a tough life down there.

Thanksgiving dinner winding down. So much fun!
Thanksgiving sunset.



Oops... not one picture of Carl! We love you, Uncle Carl! 

Six sunny Florida days with family... THANKS SO MUCH, Nana and Papa!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Turkey Art

First, I printed the simple turkey line drawing and the kids outlined it with a Sharpie. 
Then they colored them beautifully with oil pastels. Don't forget the horizon line.


Fully colored. Lovely.

Now take a black oil pastel and cover the whole thing with black. 
Really, Mom, are you sure? Yep.

Now you can scratch away using a toothpick, skewer, or popsicle stick. 
Try to follow the direction of the grass and the sky/wind and the feathers.

They loved the final product.

I did not love the little balls of black oil pastel all over the wood floors. 
My advice: take it outside to brush off all the scraped bits of black.


Peter wanted to do something a little different. I love this project. There are step-by-step instructions as to how to draw a turkey. 
I did it with Hannah and Will three years ago.

Monday, November 12, 2012

November Gold : 1000 Gifts

In the golden light and raining of leaves, I am overwhelmed again by his goodness to me. The gift lift continues with photos all taken by Hannah. 

What I find when I upload the photos from her camera. Beauty through her lens.

The sound of the basketball on the driveway.

Reading on the patio. Leaves falling on the pages.

Root beer and pork BBQ at the farm.

A stroll around the neighborhood. Slow. Savoring the late afternoon.

Japanese maples flaming red.

Blue Jays and Cardinals at our window interrupting math lessons.

The flutter of beech leaves in the backyard.

Finding evidence of beavers on our hike. Fascinating.

A weekend without soccer. I love it, but...

My sweet second grade Sunday School class.

A babysitter that comes with ingredients to make cookies with the kids.

November Dinner Club. The beginning of our sixth year.

That when able to choose, they stay outside all day long. 
I love that she took a picture of the sky.

How happy Will is with a ball. Any ball.

Neighborhood flashlight play after early dark.

When learning about the Yamato Dynasty of Japan extends to a sushi lunch out with Dad.

Birthday parties at bounce places.

An hour to sit and catch up with Patti.

Mr. McLendon.

Evening worship gathered around tables.

His overwhelming grace. And inexhaustible patience with me.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rocklands Farm Market

My Young Farmers completed their program by working the market today. 
Serving customers, preparing lunch, giving tours, and even a few farm chores 
made for a perfect way to spend a sunny and mild November Saturday.

Hannah helped Megan prepare the salad.

Will loves Bone Dog


Anna and the boys feeding the chickens. I so wish I had gotten a picture of Anna with the kids. They love her.

I snuck down to the basement to see the wine being bottled and corked.
Well done, TJ!
Rocklands Red


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