Saturday, January 3, 2009


I have spent the past week getting organized. A new year, a fresh start, an organized home... love it!
  • The first thing I tackled was our budget. I cleaned out files, made lists, read a Dave Ramsey book (after hearing for so long about him), and set up a budget for the year using Pear Budget. And for the first three days of this year, we have stuck with it. Grin.

  • Next on my list: potty-train Peter. Starting the new year with no diapers seemed like a good plan to me. There has been great progress in our first four days. Tomorrow is our first big outing (church). I'm taking a stack of extra clothes.

  • My husband and I organized the basement so the kids have an extra, winter-months play space. The space under the basement stairs that used to house suitcases is now a clubhouse. The boys have been hammering away (with toy tools) to fix it up. Hannah has set up chairs, a lamp, and hung pictures. Classic.

  • And for more organizational madness, I made myself a "Family Organizer" notebook. Where I keep our calendar, meal planning pages, homeschool planning, shopping lists, kids' activities info, important numbers... you name it. For the front cover of the binder, I slipped in our daily schedule. Now all I need on my desk is this binder... ideally.

I have my first homeschool review with the county next week, so I have more organizing ahead of me. Of course, my type-A self is thrilled. : )


  1. I would love to "see" your notebook... I have tried so many different kinds but none seem to work for me! I dont know why. I guess I have no stick to it????

    Awesome about the Dave Ramsey! Yeah. We started a few years ago but the last half of the year we kindof let things go so we are getting ourself back on track! But we havent used a credit card for well over 6 years! Feels awesome!

  2. Oh Jen. Jen. Jen. I cleaned out some old catalogs and put the magazines in piles today:). And ... I gave away a bunch of baby stuff to my friend here. Ummmm. You are awesome. Really.



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