Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our Christmas

We had a lovely Christmas celebration
with my parents, old friends, and new!

My parents were here for a week.
Occasionally, we got out of the house...
After a visit to the newly re-opened museum, we headed over to the National Tree.

Christmas Day started early. Hannah was up first... at 5:20. We sent her back to her room until 6. That seemed much more reasonable.

I can't believe I took a picture with that pacifier in Peter's mouth. It's really got to go. I'm just so scared about losing a nap with it. : )

The boys racing down the stairs.

Peter asked for a saxophone. That's all he wanted.

I had fantastic kitchen help. My parents.For Christmas Dinner, we had some friends join us. Our friends that feel more like family - MaryZ, Patrick, and their boys, Wills and Connor, came over, as well as a wonderful woman from our church. It was a sweet time of celebrating our Savior.

Hannah and baby Connor


  1. adorable!! i love the picture of your mom and dad, they are sooo cute!

  2. So sweet, looks like you all had a good Christmas. I love those early morning photos on Christmas. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I am right there with you dreading taking the paci away! Unfortunately Lulu does not use an orthodontic paci and her's is pushing her teeth :( Glad you all had a nice Christmas! Happy New Year!

  4. Love the National Tree shot:)! MaryZ's little guy looks just like Dad - too cute!

  5. Occasionally my husband travels overnight to DC and we're (the boys and I) thinking of coming along sometime. If you had one day with your three kids alone to visit a site or two, what would you choose? There are so many places I'd like to take my boys, but I'd only have about 2 half days. Thought you might have a great insider opinion since our kiddos are similar ages...



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