Thursday, January 15, 2009


It's cold. January has sent us inside.

And we are learning to be thankful for these sweet days.

Our homeschool has been filled with bright winter sun pouring in the windows, hot chocolate breaks, the constant hum of space heaters, lots of reading on the couch wrapped in blankets, wrestling-jumping jacks-running in circles, listening to Mozart - January's composer study, Hannah on the piano, more crafts, more puzzles, more games.

A few scenes from our week...

Here is Hannah waiting for her piano lesson to begin. This is after she dusted the piano, swept the floor around it, and had me light a good smelling candle before her teacher arrived (all her own ideas). And yes, Mom, that is the Little Red Riding Hood skirt you made me for Halloween 30 years ago.

I'm glad someone has time to read the paper.
Peter makes us laugh all the time. And he knows he's funny.


  1. Hi...I'm a lurker who decided to finally "delurk"!! I love your site and have been enjoying your journey from private school to homeschool. I have 3 children also - 5, 4 (almost) and 21 months, and I also live on the East Coast (near a large city :) I've been "home"schooling naturally from the start and it makes me feel so much better to have your blog (and Heidi (from Mt. Hope) to look to when I'm feeling discouraged and CRAZY!! LOL!! I currently (and with a heavy heart) have my oldest in 1/2 day kindergarten and I'm struggling with the decision. We just don't have a strong homeschooling community here and I just don't know what to do!! I just wanted to write in and say thank you! It makes me feel so much better knowing there are other people out there making the same journey as me (and being very successful at it)!! It gives me hope! Lisa

  2. Now if only Peter were sitting on a potty for that final photo! LOL...



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