Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Big Day

It's an exciting day around here. The big event in our home... Peter is THREE today!

DC is buzzing with the enthusiasm of a gazillion people. Roads and bridges and schools and all other regular life is closed for the day. We'll be staying in, where it's warm.

Celebrating Peter and watching History.

And tonight, we'll pass on the Balls. For us it'll be take-out pizza and birthday cake with good friends. : )
Opening gifts this morning.

Hannah sewed this stuffed dog especially for Peter. So sweet.

We had a little party for him yesterday.

I can't believe my youngest is 3!


  1. Giggling about the gazillions of people there to celebrate ;-), and wishing your youngest a very happy day...

  2. That dog looks familiar... excellent sewing by Hannah! Happy Birthday, Peter!

  3. ahh, 3 is wonderful!
    that little dog is so cute! was it from a kit of some kind?

  4. Happy birthday, Peter! I'm loving 3 with Lucy. I don't want her to grow ANY MORE!
    Hope your day was wonderful! Here's to Peter and history!

  5. Oh three!

    Happy, happy birthday.

    Hope the traffic clears out soon enough. :)

  6. Happy Birthday Peter! Swift is right behind you:).



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