Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Update on The Skirt

Sorry to not get back to you all. : ) Thanks for all the great advice and encouraging comments!

After being dropped off from Ballet, Hannah walked in the door and immediately asked if she could get the skirt, stating, "There were only 2 other girls without the skirt." Whew... latecomers.

Then she turned it into a modesty issue. "If I had the skirt, you wouldn't be able to see my underwear." She's right... the cuts don't match up perfectly. Now this is a new issue. I don't want my seven year-old worrying about her underwear showing during class.

She hasn't mentioned the skirt since that night, but Thursday is coming quickly.

My decision...
I am going to buy her the skirt, explaining it is a gift from me and I used my Christmas money to get it for her.

I thought about having her work for the money or part of it, but there are a few problems with that. $26 dollars would mean weeks and weeks of work... which she doesn't have for this particular item. When she is paid for extra jobs, it's with small amounts... not $5 per job, more like $1 or less, so $26 seems a little hard to climb when there is a time constraint. Also, there are just not that many indoor (it's stinkin' cold) jobs around here other than her chores. So, a gift it will be.

This has spurred good conversations about money with Hannah. Up until now, the only income she has had comes from gifts/grandparents, the tooth fairy, and odd jobs. We hadn't started an allowance... no good reason, it just hadn't happened. So, we will begin giving her a weekly allowance. My plan is to have 3 envelopes - SPEND, SAVE (with the item/event saving for listed on the envelope), and GIVE (maybe I will grab some church offering envelopes for her). She's excited about getting started this week.

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