Monday, December 15, 2008

Mr. Tchaikovsky & The Nutcracker

For December, we have been learning about Tchaikovsky and Handel, and filling our home (and car) with their music. The Classical Kids CDs are a big hit for time in the car. Tchaikovsky Discovers America is our new favorite, thankfully. I was getting pretty tired of Mr. Bach Comes to Call, which was requested by all three every time we got in the car. We listened to Hallelujah Handel! once and felt the subject matter was a bit heavy for our crew. The Amazon reviews say the same.

Hannah and I enjoyed *two* Nutcracker Ballets over the weekend. It was so exciting for me to see her truly enjoy the music, and be so familiar with it. "Tea" is her favorite.

A dear friend called Friday morning to ask if there was any chance we could get to the 1:30 show at the Kennedy Center, their friends had to cancel. So, we skipped on over in our Christmas finery, sat in the Orchestra section, and enjoyed the most perfect production of the Nutcracker I had ever seen. It was a pure magic! A delightful confection! Thanks for thinking of us, McIntyres!

Saturday evening, Hannah and I went to a much smaller production to cheer on Lulu, one of her best friends. It was adorable... full of lots of mistakes and waving to mom in the audience.

Which one was her favorite? "The one with all the little girls... and Lulu." : )


  1. She's your daughter. That is so sweet! Glad you enjoyed the Nutcracker - such a wonderful December rite of passage.

  2. We love The Nutcracker at our house and we also had a surprise last-minute invitation to a local production (although I'd rather have seen the one at the Kennedy Center--how fun!).



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