Thursday, December 4, 2008

Only Peter

So, we are at Party City and Peter is begging me for m&ms. I say, "no," without looking in his direction. I ask him to move along.

"I can't. My head is stuck."

Oh my. Peter's entire head is inside the yellow m&m guy and I cannot get it out.

What feels like 12 moms, who are all very concerned, gather around. Each one of them has an idea. And they are all telling me about when there kid's head was stuck in you name it....

I am really. trying. not. to. laugh. No one else is laughing.

Then strangers are tugging at Peter's head. A woman who works there says she has called 911 and they will be here soon.

Oh my.

Peter begins to cry. Hannah gets very worried and begins to cry. Will is showing me a football hat he wants.

Finally, we turn the display upside down and free his head.

Peter looks at me and asks, "Please, can I have some m&ms?"

The woman asks me if I would like her to cancel the 911 or have him looked at by an EMT? Umm... I think he's just fine.

All three kids get m&ms. And I get out of there.

Only Peter. : )


  1. That is so awesome! 911? I don't know how you kept from laughing, too bad you did not have your camera, that would have been a great picture/story for the scrap book :)

  2. Jen - A great Mommy moment! Poor guy - but too hilarious.

  3. I laughed and laughed. Poor Peter. He reminds me of my brother Michael.

  4. Cracking up over here in CA! Thanks for sharing this moment. :)

  5. That is hilarious! I needed that! I would have absolutely laughed, assuming he wasnt in pain! That is amazing! I always wondered how those kids got in the toy machines! It is a wonder!

  6. Ha ha ha! LOL! Sounds like something I would have done as a kid... or an adult....



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