Thursday, December 11, 2008

5 Years Old

Today is Will's big day! We celebrated by having a few friends over for fun and cupcakes.

He really wanted to have a Monster Truck theme. Not really sure what to do about that, I ordered a couple sets of "Custom Shop" Monster Trucks. It turned out to be a big hit.
Thanks, Mema and Grandpa! He *loves* the guitar!Hannah spotted a gift at the toy store last week she was sure Will would love. So, she enthusiastically spent all her tooth fairy/birthday money to get it for him. I was really nervous he would not be as thankful as I wanted him to be this morning. He was. She was so proud. Sweet girl.


  1. How truly fun! Happy birthday, Will!!

  2. Happy birthday, Will!! I love 5 year old boys (among other ages, too!).
    Theo got those same trucks when he was five...he still plays with them.

  3. fun party, for sure! My guy is also into "monster trucks" - except, his are all in the imagination. It cracks me up to hear him talk about all the accessories that his truck will have - like a coffee maker and candy machine.

  4. what a sweet, sweet girl to think of others like that! that last picture is the best!

    happy birthday to your sweet boy!
    5 is great!

  5. That picture of Hannah and Will is so sweet! Happy Birthday! So, it was 5 years ago today that I held Will in the hospital and decided I wanted another, and two weeks later I was pregnant with Max:).

  6. Happy Birthday Will! Sweet party!

  7. the picture of them hugging is soooo adorable!!!



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