Monday, December 8, 2008


I was giddy when I climbed in bed last night at 10:15... needing rest after a fun, but exhausting weekend.

Not 5 minutes later, my anticipated night of sleep was replaced with caring for a sick two floors at 3am... trips up and down the stairs, to and from the cold basement laundry....

Monday began. The house still out of order from our Christmas Party, piles of laundry on all levels, nothing really to eat. School couldn't seem to get started. There were tears over Math. Aggravation with each other for tapping feet, humming, breathing too loudly....

Everyone. Grumpy.

I cross off most things on our school schedule for the day. And focus on surviving.

Will... on my bed looking at books. Hannah... reading in her room. Peter... crashed on the couch.

I sit down at the computer and read this.

And I pray... and thank God for this woman I don't know... for words that encourage... on days that seem desperately fruitless....

"Aren’t the prayers of our days more important than the products of our days?

And the prayers are the genesis of all that can withstand the flames: love, patience, faith, joy, hope. Our prayers make our work acts of praise; our prayers make our work acts of passion for these people living here. These people we love more than life.

....I’m learning it’s always time to pray. Because the house where He lives is a house of prayer and it’s the only way I can keep mine standing."

from visit often.


  1. As I await my husband getting home and getting to complain about how bad my day was I read your post. Thank you.

    I want my prayers to be more important than my product. The problem is that today, a very bad day, I dont actually remember uttering a prayer? I usually do, I just do not remember doing it today!

    Tommorow I will turn my focus.

    Again thanks.

  2. I love Ann's blog as well. In fact, her blog has been a more prominent pointer to Christ for me than any other devotional book this year. Thanks for a beautiful reminder. It's really not about us, but all for Him. Being a servant of Christ is hard, beautiful work, though, isn't it? Praying for a smoother path for the rest of your week, or at least rich, deep fellowship with the Father along the way.

  3. Thanks for the link, Jen. That was so very needed.
    And you do such great things with your children. Yeah!



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