Thursday, January 6, 2011


Here is a fun, little project to do when you have a backyard full of sticks (and sadly, no snow).

What you need:
  • an assortment of small twigs
  • hot glue gun
  • twine/string/yarn...
  • scissors
I had Hannah and Will design their "stick-flakes" and then I did the gluing. To create the angles, Hannah broke the stick - but not completely. I added a little twine to reinforce the middle. Very easy to make... and very easy to break. I was quick to get them up where they would be safe.

Peter (disinterested in making a snowflake) inquired about the glue gun as he created a little bunker and kept careful watch with gun in hand...

"Mom, what is this?"
"It's a glue gun."
"A GUN that shoots glue!?!"
"Hot glue, actually."
"Whoa... do they use these in wars?"
"No, mostly just for crafts"
Still amazed... "Daddy must have taught you how to use this gun!" : )


  1. my Korinne will LOVE this project!

    And, again, our BOYS would get along so well :)

    Happy Snow-y, Sticky-y Day to you!


  2. HA! That is SOO funny! Sounds like my boys! My little one is 2, and says very few words but... he can say "Pow! Pow!" with his toy guns! Go figure! ;)

    Love this craft! So natural and beautiful! Lovely idea!!!


  3. Hi there! I've been reading your blog for awhile now and just wanted to say how much I've been blessed & encouraged by all your thankfulness and your writing! I'm a Maryland mom of 2 girls and am so glad to know there's a mom like you just around the corner in DC. :) Blessings in 2011! jane

  4. Love the comments! With boys, it's guns. With my girls, especially Zoe, it's all about princesses and marrying a prince. Blah!

  5. love the natural sweetness of the snowflakes.

    ha, ha...glue gun!



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