Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Astronaut Party

For his 5th birthday party, Peter went with an Astronaut theme. Hannah and Will painted and assembled the solar system for the table. Isn't it nice how you can tailor homeschooling to fit with your party planning? : )

We had over a bunch of great friends (and their great parents).

(Poor Hannah felt terrible and spent most of the evening upstairs. Thankfully, she was better this morning.)

There was a lot of silliness...

... and some intense pinata beating. I love Caden's determination in this picture.

All the candles lit as we fired-up the space shuttle made it very exciting. Not recommended.

Peter is more excited about me letting him have root beer than about cake.


  1. Jen, you are amazing! What a great party!

  2. Looks like a wonderful party. May y'all have many, many more.

  3. I love the solar system! Do you have a link to that or just general directions


  4. Lisa,

    The solar system came as a kit. I got it at Michael's - just a box of white styrofoam balls and skewers - I think it was about $9.


  5. I always love your kids' birthday parties! :)

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  7. Love the cake! Great work. Reminds me of a company I came across recently that would be nice for a party like that.

    Great site!

  8. I am curious.... Why is lighting the candles as the fire not recommended? Sounds like a good idea to me. :)



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