Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kandinsky's Circles

January needed a little color.

Our inspiration: Wassily Kandinsky's color study, Squares with Concentric Circles.

The idea for oil pastel circles and watercolor squares is from Usborne's Art Treasury. This was a easy and fun project for a snowy January afternoon. Art Projects for Kids has another take on it (that I love) using only oil pastels... maybe next time.


  1. Usborne, ah, there's a name I haven't seen in a long time. But oh, I did love the Usborne Books. They were a mainstay in our homeschool curriculum from long ago. The art is beautiful, and I hope you frame it.

  2. We love usborne books too. I used to have them in Ireland as a young child and continue to buy them for my kids both in England where they were born and now in Australia where they are growing up. They truly are an international resource.
    Love your childrens creativity!

  3. thanks for the great, colorful art idea!!! i agree...january needs color in our house, too!

  4. Love the idea! Great book! We tried it out today and the boys had so much fun with the oil pastels.



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