Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snow Days

Moments after I posted our Wednesday art project we lost power. Snow is so much more fun when your house is warm and cozy. The first few hours were exciting... reading by candlelight, keeping warm by the fire. Waking the next morning to a chilled house and no coffee changed my attitude a bit, but we bundled up and according to Hannah had a "great family adventure."

After shoveling, the first thing on the list was to get to the neighborhood sledding hill.

Hannah and friends

Peter is quick to come down...

... and run right back up to the top.

We enjoyed the warm hospitality of friends for two days moving from home to home in search of heat (and coffee).
All while these trucks teased us constantly.

Late yesterday afternoon, I packed us up for our second slumber party in two days. And as I locked the front door to our 47 degree house the front lights came on! I cheered the Pepco truck as it drove down the street. I love electricity. But not wanting the "adventure" to end, we still headed over to friends and almost spent the night... just for fun.


  1. Wish I'd known! You could have all come over and done art projects with me and Mr. Fritz!! (We just might have had to hang out in small groups in separate rooms) :)

    Glad to hear that you have heat/lights again, tho!!

  2. Sorry to hear you lost power. Northern VA was a parking lot Wednesday night well into Thursday Morning.

  3. we had 75* in Little Rock today. :)



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