Friday, November 7, 2008

Field Trip Friday : Smithsonian National Zoo

The Air and Space Museum really won our Tuesday Election, but when it's 72 degrees and sunny in November, you go with the second place outdoor destination - The Zoo. Democracy at its finest.
Lions and Tigers and Pandas...
We always finish our Zoo trips with a picnic lunch and playtime on the big pizza. This is the biggest hit... so random.


  1. I will not covet your weather.
    I will not covey your weather.
    I will not covet your weather.

    It's snowing today in Iowa. ;)

    The zoo trip was a great exercise in Democracy. What a cool-looking play area.

  2. We've been having beautiful weather here in AL, too! Your zoo trip looks like so much fun. My kids would go crazy over that pizza, too:)

  3. OK - two things. 1)I heard the Giraffes are gone - this is a bummer - is it true? and 2) Wazzup with the tent over the pizza?

    Sad news here. Our brother in law died yesterday - pray for flights home for all by this weekend.

  4. Hi Jennifer. You might not remember me but I was friends will Allison in high school. My maiden name is Kim Hiday.

    Anyway, I recently stumbled upon your blog and immediately recognized you. Your family is precious! I just wanted to say hello.

    I look forward to keeping up with you through blog land.

    Kim Dudley



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