Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dinner Club

We hosted our Dinner Club last night. Six couples, who have been friends for several years, get together at one of our homes every other month for dinner and fabulous conversation. We live all around the Beltway, and before we started Dinner Club, we let our busy lives keep us from seeing these close friends regularly. I love that I know I will get to see this group at least every other month. The hosts provide the main course and drinks, and the rest is divided up for the others. A conversation topic is determined ahead of time and emailed out to the group. It is always a very fun evening!

Last night's conversation topic:
If you could easily change careers, what would you do? What draws you to that career? And if you could change major/degree in undergrad/grad school, to what would you change it?

Me? I would love to get my master's degree in Museum Science and work for the Smithsonian. Or be a wedding photographer. Or an architect (which was my sure and certain plan when I was 12). Of course, I don't want to really change careers. : )

What would you do? Fun to think about...


  1. Fun! Your choices sound fascinating. Hmm..for me, interior design or history.

  2. Hey Jen,

    That's a really fun idea with your friends. I like that. When we move back to the States, I think I'll start something like that.

  3. Hi, Jen!
    Here are my dream careers/personas:
    - fiddle player and singer, a la Alison Krauss
    - rocker, ala Gwen Stefani
    - profession a** kicker, a la Sydney Bristow on "Alias"
    - editor at The New Yorker or Atlantic Monthly

    Fun to think about!

  4. I've been mulling this over and I know exactly what I'd do. Get a degree in musical theatre from American Univ. and start auditioning for shows at Toby's Dinner Theatre in Columbia. Unfortunately, that career path means I'd never be home for evenings with my family, but it's fun to think about. Some roles I'd love to play:
    - Tracy Turnblad in "Hairspray"
    - Miss Hannigan in "Annie"
    - Elphaba in "Wicked"
    - Fantine or Eponine in "Les Mis"



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