Saturday, November 22, 2008

Everyone Loves a Parade

This morning we enthusiastically made our way to the Montgomery County Thanksgiving Parade. About an hour into the parade, the fun was frozen solid. The kids were doubting our judgement about the whole thing...

Not quite Macy's. : )

We all decided on a 30 degree requirement for parades to come.


  1. They all look very cold but I am sure it will be memorable! Looks like fun. Most of our parades got canceled this year due to the economy, so I am glad some traditions are still in place. :)

  2. Jen - We just got back to KTM. What was up with the cold in DC??? We wore our coats to the airport and then packed them in the suitcases. It was warm and sunny on our return of course. Sort of a metaphor for the visit home. So incredibly sad.

    I caught up on your blog. Looks like Hannah has Mommy's art gene:).

    Much love ... L

  3. Oh, Jennifer.... You won the grand prize in my book give-away. :) Email me at with a mailing address and I'll get the books sent out to you! Congratulations!!



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