Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wishing-for-Snow Painting

We are so ready for a big snow.

For a couple of hours last week we had some snow flurries. It was pretty, but we want more.

So, today we created a little of our own. Peter was home from kindergarten again. His symptoms are basically gone, but he is tired - just plain worn out from fighting bronchitis all week. But an art project? Well, we can always find some energy to create.

First, we started with a 8x10 canvas I found in the basement. I asked him to draw his horizon line and an off-centered/off-the-page tree (after I encouraged him to look at the trees outside). Using acrylic craft paint, he painted the blue sky, then the gray tree, making sure to leave a little drying time in between colors.

Then he painted the snow. And while it was still very wet, he sprinkled epsom salt on the snowy parts. I happened to find some leftover espom salt in the basement leftover from making snowy candles. Glitter would work, too.

Lastly, as an afterthought, he added a cardinal. I love that cardinal.

Now, if we just find some of the white wonder outside.


  1. I am using this idea with my kids next week. Beautiful!! Thanks!! (I think I will make a bird in the tree part of the assignment!)

  2. absolutely gorgeous and MATURE for a kindergartener!!!

  3. love this too! that red cardinal and that salty snow, what a great combination! you do so well at cultivating beauty and I enjoy it all. :)

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