Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Very Happy New Year to You!

Happy 2012, friends!

It was a fun and festive New Year's Eve for us. We went out - I mean we got a sitter, got dressed up, and went out. It's usually a simple dinner at home celebrating with the Flemings. Not this year. Our dear friend Andy celebrated his 40th birthday yesterday with a big New Year's Eve bash at Eastern Market on Capitol Hill. Fun, Fun, Fun.

I took a few photos. It was dark and these photos are pretty bad... oh, well.

That's the birthday boy next to me.

Love these ladies.

Love this man that I met 16 years ago on New Year's Eve in Times Square.
And I love this "Ok, I need to preach in the morning so let's go" look I got at exactly 12:01.

Love this city...

and the beautiful drive home.

Happy, Happy New Year!

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  1. great post... :) lol... Happy, blessed, super new year! to you and yours! Laura



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