Saturday, January 21, 2012

Six : The Snow Party

We've been busy celebrating Peter! His 6th birthday was yesterday and it has been a snowy and sugar-filled two days.

Getting treats ready for school on Friday...

Friday night celebration with the Flemings...

It actually snowed Friday night through Saturday morning! Which worked well with our snow-themed party this morning.

We decorated with snow garland (very easy - pom-poms and thread) and paper snowflakes.

We made bird feeders (no photos - will take some soon)
and built snow forts with sugar cubes and snow-dough (white playdough with glitter added).

We played a few games...

Pin the carrot on the snowman. Here's the birthday boy posing for me after all his friends left.

A snowball fight.

And "Cold Snowball" - Hot Potato, but with a snowball.

We had cake and hot chocolate.

And sent our friends home with mugs of hot cocoa and marshmallows. These are dollar store mugs personalized with Folk Art "Enamels" paint, and stuffed with mini marshmallows and hot cocoa.

Tonight, the five of us went out to dinner to complete the celebration.

And this marks the end of birthday season for us! Whew! Until November...


  1. I wish that I was one of your kids. (Yet again.) Looks like a fab party and I love the mugs!! :)

  2. How did I somehow miss that Peter and Addie have the same birthday? Looks like lots of fun! Our birthday celebration was thwarted by the birthday girl throwing up her breakfast! See is better today though, so we will try again!

  3. what a fun party!!! love the pin the carrot on the snowman :o) !

    happy birthday to peter!

  4. I just love these photos. Those snowman cupcakes are just perfect and the mugs, and the snowman mural. So creative and fun!

  5. Did you bake the mugs once they were painted?

  6. Wow! Truly a great snow party. Have to arrange one for my nephew who will be turning five soon. Thinking of organizing it at one of local LA venues and will be inviting all his buddies there. Will share this idea with my sister and hope she will like it.



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