Saturday, December 17, 2011

17 :25 {christmas morning part 1 & the national tree}

My husband's parents are here for the weekend, so the kids had Christmas morning round one today.

Those starred boxes make girls happy.

Molly, Emily, and Kit are loving the additions to their wardrobe. Hannah set them up for a little photo shoot. Adorable.

Will's BIG gift. He actually said, "This is so much better than a video game!" Music to my ears.

Peter was pretty excited to receive this. He's perfecting his 360. Church parking lot, here we come.

Quiet afternoon crossword with Papa.

Then we headed down to see the National Tree...

Yup, it's pretty underwhelming, and has a definite Charlie Brown vibe. But it's a baby tree*. I get that. It can only get better.

It has to get better.

*planted in March after the last tree was blown over in a February storm.

Another angle... could they have maybe shaped it up? No, I'm sure they did all they could.

Thankfully, they have a lovely tree inside.

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