Saturday, December 10, 2011

10 : 25 {saturday slow}

Another beautiful December Saturday. We started our day in Alexandria at a Christmas Brunch - a wonderful gathering of old friends catching up over coffee and Brad and Stacy's amazing spread of everything delicious. All while our giant group of kids played around us... up and down the stairs and to the rope swing out back.

We passed Arlington Cemetery on our way. Wreaths with red bows leaned against every white marker. So beautiful. Sadly, I couldn't grab my camera fast enough.

And just for fun... Merry Christmas, Georgetown! The kids loved this. It's easier to get photos when are sitting in traffic.

This evening, we had Will's 'family party' with the Flemings. And this is the only photo I have... Will is not even in it. Bad photo parenting on my part.

Even still, I love capturing these sweet moments our kids' share together... their in-town 'cousins.'

Tomorrow is the actual birthday. Gifts are in place, birthday banner hung, ready for another day of celebrating....

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