Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Every December I say to myself, “This year I will write a Christmas letter to go along with our card.” And every December, when the busyness of the season settles in, I don’t do it. So, here is a little family update that didn't make the envelopes this year.

My husband continues to be blessed by the opportunity to serve as a pastor at our wonderful church. We simply adore our church family! Living just down the street provides us with an easy walk to church and the added blessing of no real commute for my husband.

After almost six years of researching and writing, my husband is hoping to travel to Scotland to defend his dissertation this spring. Lord willing, he will be awarded a PhD from the University of Aberdeen. The kids and I are so proud of him! He has been a student nine of our thirteen years of marriage, so having the end in sight is particularly exciting for me.

While my husband is hard at work, I enjoy staying home with our kids. My days are mostly filled with homeschooling Hannah (3rd grade) and Will (1st grade). We are in our third year of school at home and love it. Running is still a love of mine, and this past fall I was able to complete my first marathon – the Marine Corps. It was an incredible experience… and as long as my knees will allow it, hopefully not my last.

Our tender-hearted, thoughtful Hannah turned 9 in November. She is all about soccer, swimming, art, reading and piano. Always creating… stories, art, fantastical adventures… she amazes us with her love for life and learning.

Will just turned 7 this month and is a delight of a kid. Easy-going, full of joy and energy, he lives for anything that involves a ball, especially soccer (which of course thrills his soccer-loving dad). Also a huge football fan, Will is eagerly awaiting the BCS Championship to cheer on my alma mater. War Eagle!

Peter will be 5 in January. He is a spirited little guy with an imagination that never stops. Our family dinners are often full of Peter-induced laughter. This school year, he is enjoying a morning preschool program with a sweet classroom full of friends.

As a family, we are enjoying this stage of life. With no little person needing a nap anymore, we are more free to explore our city, go for family hikes... and hope to travel more as a family in the coming year… hopefully to Scotland!

May you be blessed as you celebrate the birth of Jesus … wonder of all wonders … Emmanuel, God with us!

Peace of Christ,



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  2. THank you for the beautiful picture and the letter to go with it. You all are a wonderful and inspirational family and I'm glad God brought you to our congregation and community!

  3. Merry Christmas, Jennifer. Thank you for sharing your lovely life with your blog readers all year long. I love visiting here!

  4. Thank you! I love the update on your family! Hope you all are in Scotland in 2011!



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