Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Hospitality with Children

Christmas is a season for kindling
the fire for hospitality in the hall,

the genial flame of charity in the heart.

-Washington Irving

My children love for our home to be full of friends, big and small. Whenever we host a dinner or party, their excitement is overwhelming in those important hours before guests arrive. Instead of being frustrated by their energy level, I have found that delegating a few creative jobs can make that time very pleasant and fun for all of us. Additionally, they are able to share in the blessing of hospitality and learn what it means to honor guests in our home.

Make it personal. For more formal dinners, my daughter loves creating place cards with each guest's name. From basic, folded card stock to names beautifully written on leaves... the possibilities are truly endless. All they need is a list of names and a little inspiration (maybe from Google images - kids handmade place cards). Legos will also hold a place card very nicely....

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  1. I've so enjoyed your blog since finding you through Ann's advent link. We've found Abba music combined with our mountain of laundry equals a very fun time. Way to CHOOSE joy, it really is a choice isn't it? Some days much harder than others.


    ps - I'm hoping to try out your granola recipe this weekend. Thanks!



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