Tuesday, July 13, 2010


The two boys linger at the lunch table...

Peter: Where are we going to live in heaven? In Jesus’ house?

Will: We will live in perfect houses.

Peter: I want us to sleep together. No, maybe I want to have my own room. Don’t worry, you will be okay.

Will: When we get to heaven, when you want to hit someone, you will not because you will be perfect.

Peter: Will there be food in heaven?

Will: Yes, all the food in the whole wide world.

Will: And we will all be kids in heaven.

Peter: I cannot wait to see Andrew in heaven.


  1. Oh, the beauty of childlike faith... absolutely perfect!

  2. I love their innocence.
    My kids talk about heaven every now and again. They ask if the baby we lost will be a baby or will have grown up. It is all I can do to answer them without my voice crumbling. Then they ask if I think my Granny is looking after the baby and giving it cuddles and I barely manage to answer before hurrying off to do something important when really I'm reaching for the tissues...



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