Tuesday, July 6, 2010

At the Lake

:: will in the air ::

We spent the holiday weekend at the lake with family. Clear blue skies with flags waving, it is our favorite place to celebrate Independence Day.

:: this is what they do all. day. long. ::

:: on the boat ::

:: fun with cousins ::

:: the cousin photo ::
yes, that's peter with the face... and trying to bring sweet timothy down with him.

:: hannah was more than thrilled to have little meg around ::

:: christopher and hannah ::

:: robert and hannah... just floating and chatting ::

:: jump in, climb out, jump in, climb out... ::

:: papa lets peter drive the boat ::

:: will catches a baby bass. uncle carl helps it back into the water. ::

:: captain hannah ::

:: day's end ::

:: ice cream on the dock ::

:: just a few more jumps ::

:: going home. napping on the nj turnpike. blissfully unaware of the traffic. ::

As I sorted through these photos, I realized I need to start taking pictures of adults! I assure you there were adults there supervising. And I should probably hand the camera to someone else every once in a while, so my kids know I was present for their childhood. : )

Just for fun, I'm linking to Darcy's Sweet Shot Tuesday for the first time.


  1. My kids are looking at your pictures envying your trip to the lake- me too if I am completely honest :)

  2. Yeah! So fun to see your photo on Darcy's blog! I love the image of the inner tube alone on the dock:).

  3. Oh my...these were some incredible pictures.

    What a beautiful family you have.

  4. Magical... simply magical, Jennifer!

  5. Beautiful photos!!! I have the same problem...I'm hardly in any photos!!! Thanks for the nice comment on my sweet shot!

  6. Oh my goodness. That looks so fun. hannah's hair is getting so long and those summer highlights are what most woman pay $$$ to try and replicate.

    So glad to have you as part of SST!

  7. Oh, the fun! You took some incredible shots of moments we all remember so well.
    Nicely done! {found you @ m3b}

  8. YOU are a fabulous photographer!! the second one (hannah jumping in the lake) could be in a lands end magazine.

  9. love these pictures!!
    my favorite is days end.... beautiful shot.

  10. fun fun pictures! we love the lake too! great shots!



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