Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Whew! It takes some time to get back into a routine.

And with this week being Holy Week (with a pastor husband), local schools on Spring Break, and me exhausted from our time out of town/re-entry/kids going through grandparent detox... well, that makes it more of a challenge.

Every time I think of sitting down to blog, I am faced with all the have-to's that I also need to do. Routine... it's coming back. I can feel it.

Here are a few photos from my husband's around the world mission tour, where he and the senior pastor from our church met with people in Egypt and Japan, and attended a conference in Indonesia.

This was my husband's third trip to Cairo, so he didn't take many photos. They didn't visit the pyramids this time, but did go to Alexandria for a day.

The Nile from his hotel room in Cairo.
And if you know my husband, you won't be surprised that The Library of Alexandria was a highlight....Helicopter ride over Jakarta... someone sent him this picture. He didn't bring his camera along. I would love to have seen the view, too. : )Colorful Chinese architecture...

The Forbidden City, Beijing

The Great Wall and on to Japan....

Teaching at a seminary...
Catching up with missionaries from our church...
The cherry blossoms were out in Japan, just like DC. So a couple of Geishas were sent out to pose in front of the blossoms. Apparently, this doesn't happen often.Lots of people came to see...
And the food... oh my, I would surely go hungry in many of the places he visited. I'm all for sushi and fried rice, but duck hearts and congealed fish stuff are not for me. The lack of coffee in the East would be hard too. He did find a Starbucks in Beijing. : )

Here is a meal in Japan.


  1. the pictures are amazing! the food,i could not imagine! I would love to visit China! What a wonderful opportunity for him.

  2. I love the slippers with the suits in the group photo!!!



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