Friday, April 17, 2009

Picnic on The Mall

It is a glorious spring day here!
We packed a lunch and soccer ball
and headed down to the WWII Memorial. Peter would rather play football... The World War II Memorial

While we were getting in our car, a motorcade passed. Exciting, as the kids have never seen one. I'm fairly certain the President is out of town, but the kids are sure it was him. : )


  1. LOVE the picture of Hannah and Peter!

  2. Oh so nice - just makes me want to exhale slowly. Hugs.

  3. We made our way to DC on the way home from visiting family in VA this past week! We loved it!!! We visited the Air & Space Museum (the favorite) and Natural History Museum. My boys loved running around the Mall and seeing the Washington Monument...the "tallest building we've EVER seen" (said my 6 yr. old). We'll definitely make our way back to DC much to see, so little time! I'm a little jealous that you live close enough to spend a glorious afternoon there!!!



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