Thursday, September 18, 2008

Homeschool : Week Four

As I look back on the first four weeks of homeschooling, I am very thankful. I have had more good days than bad. My kids are happy, refreshed, energized. I have seen Hannah and Will's friendship grow... they are encouraging one another, creating forts in the backyard and having grand adventures. Sure they fight and aggravate each other, but not as much as I thought they would. Our lives are just moving at a more tolerable pace. We are staying organized and doing daily chores - which actually really makes a difference in my work load. I am amazed how structure at home helps keep us all sane. I have only called my husband crying once. : )

I am learning what works and what doesn't. A friend had, what I thought to be, a great idea of filling a big plastic bin with dried beans, cups, buckets, measuring spoons, etc. to entertain Peter. An indoor "sand" box if you will. Bad idea. Beans *everywhere*. Last night, a veteran homeschool mom was telling me how she would give her toddler a bucket of water and a paintbrush and send him out to "paint the fence." I am so going to try that next week. The reality of having a two year-old has meant that we do some school during naptime. I'd love to get through all our lessons in the morning, but that doesn't always happen. I have discovered that Hannah likes to see all she has to do for the day and check it off as she goes. And that she *loves* to "teach" 2 year-olds - she has incredible patience with little boys! I now know Will could spend hours playing with math manipulatives and needs to run around in the backyard during every break.

Today, we finished our lessons early, packed a lunch, and headed to a park. It was a beautiful, early fall day. I am really enjoying my kids! So, so thankful!

Glimpses of our week....

Hannah painting her name on an Egyptian scroll in hieroglyphics.Watercolors and the color wheel.
Wednesday's lessons for Hannah to check off....Will loves math!Sorting colors (almost). These kept Peter's attention during math lessons.
Proof that Hannah does math, too. Not just art. (Did I mention I have an art degree? We do a lot of art!)


  1. Looks like the perfect week! I can't believe all the amazing art projects. My kids would love to do school at your house!

  2. sounds like you are off to a good start!
    my kids love "painting the fence," it keeps them entertained for a long time!

  3. Hi! My name is Mandy and we just started homeschooling this year too! I have a first grade son and a daughter who is nearly 2. I am enjoying your blog and very inspired! Thanks for sharing your journey...

  4. Jen, this is so awesome! I am jealous of all that art and peace and love.
    Now I've got to go find a fence for Lucy to paint before it snows...
    Love hearing how it's going!

  5. I've just started homeschooling my daughter in Kindergarten this year and am really enjoying it. I'm also enjoying the ideas that you've been posting about! I can totally relate to the challenge of keeping the preschooler busy. I have a very active 3-yr-old son.

  6. Jen - I'm jealous!! And totally proud of you. Way to go for you and your lucky kids.

  7. Hi, there. I'm a stay at home mom and hope to begin homeschooling next year. I absolutely love your blog! As another reader commented...very inspiring! Keep up the great work and thanks for letting us share in the adventure. Here's a suggestion for the texture or indoor sandbox playtime: let them play with it in a wading pool that way the beans stay a little more contained and clean up is easier. We learned that tip from a homeschooling mom at a MOPS meeting. Works wonders for us!!

  8. wow! You are so organized! Can I enroll my kids in your school? I could learn a few things from you guys for sure! Hey, I think we are going to be up the last week of October, don't know if you are doing anything for Hannah's birthday? I will give you a call soon. I just got two fillings, so I can't talk very well right now :)

  9. Your photographs are gorgeous! I love the atmosphere you've captures. Congratulations on a great start! Its sounds like you are really getting to know the learning personalities of your kids. Isn't that fun?

    I *know* how difficult it is to do school with a 2 yo around. My 2yo decided these last few weeks (when I've been feeling under the weather, no less) to give up his naps. Ugh!

  10. What a great report! I'm keeping a close eye on you guys, the Lundins, the Llewellyns, and the Wirtzes to see if homeschooling might be an option for us in about 4 years. :-)



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