Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Autumn Color

Thank you to that artist woman for a fun, easy craft to celebrate fall's arrival... and with a beautiful finished product!

(photo note: I quickly realized that the glue/water mixture was getting
all over the table, so we moved to a plastic surface.)


  1. what a fun project, looks great!

  2. Jennifer, it looks like it turned out great. I'm glad it was a success.

  3. Oh Jen ... I tagged you. Don't hate me:). L

  4. That is the perfect cool...I think I'll use this art idea. This is something that I would display in my house for autumn decoration. I dislike cutesy art project things (but I let my boys keep some of them in their room to save the heartbroken faces!)

    Thanks for the great idea and link to the artist.

  5. I've bookmarked the other site, too. I am art-lacking, so I hope to pick up a few tricks from you.

    Much appreciation for the ideas!



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