Monday, June 30, 2008


Keeping it simple. And we will not be a green family this month. I bought huge things of disposable bowls and plates at Costco. Please don't judge me.
Peter was convinced he could be a help with the demolition. I am sure he would have been. Here he is ready to saw down the wall.
I really hope we don't have too many of these meals. : )
Time to get away from all the noise at home.
His nap was totally compromised.
Hannah was pool hopping today - first Lulu's then ours. She swam all day.
This is what I get when I say smile.

I know not everyone is interested in the kitchen progress....
All these pics are for my dad who loves all the details.

And here's what we found at home...
(here are the before shots)

So far, I love it. I'm pretty sure the brickoleum gets ripped up tomorrow.


  1. Hey, I'm first!! See ya brickoleum:). I'll call you when I am back from the beach - can't wait to see you!

  2. Ah, the bowls. We have the plates. It just makes life so much better in this season.



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