Sunday, June 8, 2008

Capturing Peter

I sat the three kids on the front steps before church this morning in hopes of getting a good photo for a Father's Day gift. Will and Hannah were very consistent. Here are the faces I got from Peter.... Cutie.


  1. Cutie, Indeed!!

    I don't know how professional photographers do it. I can take good pics individually of each of my boys. And occasionally I can get a good pic of 2 of them together. But all 3?!?! Fogetta 'bout it!! Of the thousands of pics I've taken the last couple years ... not a single great 3-boy photo. Hrmmph.

    Hopefully you succeeded much better than I. You are going to share the final image with us eventually, aren't you?!?

    Sunday blessings...

  2. he is a cutie and reminds me a little of your dad!

  3. Those pictures are adorable. I've found that I love and appreciate the pictures when my kids are making those silly, sweet faces. Their personalities just shine through.

  4. He is too cute! I think you captured him perfectly!

  5. Indeed adorable! I hope our little dudes will be friends:).

  6. Jen, the thing that impresses me the most about this is that you had the time and fortitude to sit your kids down before CHURCH...I am always in a scramble to get everyone out and appropriately dressed and perhaps fed. :)



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