Monday, June 2, 2008

Kindergarten Graduation

Today was the big day! First, the students gave us a review of the year... showing off their stuff. Then we played a short game of Are You Smarter than a Kindergartner? I'm afraid I am not. Each student's name was called. One at a time they added their signature to the class list, rang the school bell, shook the headmaster's hand and made the ceremonial "walk across the bridge." A very, very big deal. : )

Then it was lunch time. I was one of two room moms for the class and it was our job to put on a nice, outdoor lunch for 90 people. Did I mention I was at the beach this past weekend? : ) Well, it all worked out... my sweet husband skewered fruit all morning.

My little girl.... becoming not so little.


  1. Congratulations Hannah on your graduation!

  2. ADORABLE!! Congratulations to your little, BIG girl!

    And happy belated birthday!! I turn 36 on July 1, so I'm just around the corner from you! Your dad sounds too that story about the roses!



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