Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Being Left-handed

Pretty early on Will favored his left hand. And for about two years, he has went back and forth between left and right when "writing", coloring, or eating. This was beyond frustrating for him (and me). And because he was always shifting hands, he never got anywhere with writing/coloring. Only recently has he really settled on being left-handed.

Teaching him to write has been interesting. Writing came so easily to Hannah. Poor Will... I am comparing him to a right-handed girl who loves to sit and draw and write. I really do feel for this kid. It's hard to push instead of pull your letters along. I completely understand why some left-handed people "hook" their arm to write. Zaner-Bloser's site has a helpful article about being left-handed.

As we work through his Alphabet Book, I have been trying to get him comfortable with letter formation. We've used play-dough, cheerios, ribbon, popcorn... anything but a pencil. Today it was dot paint. This is his new favorite activity. He can really produce some good-looking letters this way... which encourages him (and me).

Yesterday, I ordered some Handwriting Without Tears products for Will. I'm hopeful that program will be a good fit for him. Who knew Handwriting could be so complicated!?


  1. My youngest does strange things...she does everything left handed...except writing. I feel for you!

    I have a friend that is left is her husband. Can you imagine their trouble in dealing with their right handed son? :-)

  2. Micah is a lefty too, so we have been down the same road. HWT has been good for him and I also have him trace letters/words that I write dot-to-dot style. He does really well with tracing and is excellent at coloring. I think it is especially hard teaching a lefty to write when I am right handed. I will be sure to check out that article!

  3. We love our dot paint too! And, of course you can add a link to my blog, I would be honored!
    :) Carisa

  4. Thanks for stopping by! And to answer your question...That's when I become the biggest grump! I manage to get up before the kids and I'm just dying to get downstairs with my bible and a cup of coffee. Then the kiddos wake up. I swear sometimes I practically stamp my feet and pout. It really should be quite embarrassing.

    I'm irritated at the kids for being up and spoiling "my time" and I'm tweaked at God for not making them sleep a little longer. You know, like He didn't really want to spend time with me that day. Ridiculous, I know.

    Moving on…my 40-year old brother is left-handed and has struggled with writing his entire life. His teachers all tried to force him to write with his right hand when he was in elementary school and he’s never really recovered from that. When I was reading your post I was going to suggest that you try some of the Handwriting Without Tears materials then I saw that’s what you’re doing. I’d really like to get a set of their letter formation manipulatives (or whatever they’re called). One of my girlfriends uses them with a boy she tutors and has many good things to say.

    And I’d be honored if you wanted to link to my blog. Thanks!

  5. It was so fun to come here and peek in on your fam. I think you will be happy with the HWT materials. I have 2 out of 3 lefties...

    For my 6 yo lefty: writing is slower for him, but he has made a lot of progress this year. The Explode the Code books seem to have just the right about of writing for him. I hope you ordered the CD for your little man. It's too much fun to miss!

    I also didn't realize that lefty scissors and righty scissors are different. Something about the direction of the blades... there are some that claim to be both, but my 2 lefties have done better with the left-only scissors.

    Also, I learned to take all their workbooks to kinkos and have the bindings removed. I give them their work on a clipboard so there is no struggle with the binding or notebook rings. Hope this helps your little lefty succeed, too.

    I think you'll love the homeschool "uniforms"! For my boybarians it's usually random pieces of halloween-costumes-past, and various homemade light sabers and swords. Silly boys!

    Good to "meet" you!



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