Monday, April 21, 2008

N is for Noodle

For the past several weeks, Will and I have been working on Will's Alphabet Book. We're up to 'N' - each letter gets a few days. "M is for Marshmallow" was a big treat last week - one for the paper, one for my MOUTH - hey, Mom, mouth starts with M too! We talk about the shape of the letter and the sound it makes. Sometimes I make a coloring page for him filled with drawings of things starting with that letter. He is so proud of his progress!...constantly rattling off the beginning letter of his daily words. "Mom, 'R' is for RAIN!" (It has been raining heavily for two solid days. So much for the grass seed we put down last week...I am sure it has found it's way to the gutter....)


  1. What a fun alphabet book! He looks so excited and proud of it. :) What a cutie.

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  3. ooh, great idea! I've got an almost 4yo who would LOVE to make the letter M Love this blog carnival!



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