Thursday, May 29, 2008

Red Roses

Tomorrow is my 34th Birthday. For 34 years, I have gotten red roses from my sweet dad. It started on my first birthday. I got one red rose. Second birthday, two roses. And so on. Until my thirteenth... Dad decided a dozen was plenty for the rest of my birthdays. So, on my sixteenth, when I received 16 roses from my boyfriend and only a dozen from my dad, I made a teenage comment about my dad being outdone. Dad's response, "Yes, but I'll still be giving you them next year." Love my dad.

This morning I got the knock on the door from the florist. Now he sends them in a bunch or a box, not in a vase. I finally told him a few years ago that I immediately took each bouquet out of the florist's vase and tossed all the baby's breath. Not a fan of baby's breath. So now he eliminates that step for me.

Thanks, Dad, for all 342 roses over the years. They're beautiful.

Much better.

How cute is my pre-birthday card from Hannah?


  1. Happy Birthday Sweet Friend!!
    Love you,
    Amie Jo :)

  2. Happy Birthday!! May God richly bless you this year.

    And, your Dad's line totally made me laugh!! Wise man.

  3. Happy Birthday! What a sweet story. Thanks for sharing it. Your dad sounds like a good, loving man.

  4. Happy Birthday! (I'm only a few days late. :)) I've had a good 2 months of being 34 ahead of you, LOL.



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