Monday, April 29, 2013


On Saturday, we celebrated the marriage of two of our favorite people. The kids (and I) had been counting the months-weeks-days to this most anticipated event. A wedding. A bride and groom we adore. 
And then a big party at the farm we love on a brilliant 70 degree spring day. 

Will even asked if he could wear a coat and tie. It was that huge. 
Getting his picture in it was another story.

I only got a few photos at the reception... and not one of the beautiful bride and groom. Sigh.
It was all so lovely. Every detail. 

Dad and Daughter. 

Dancing in the barn. Hannah's favorite part.
On our way home, Will said, "I have never seen so many old people be so crazy for so long." 
I'm pretty sure "old people" are people over 20.

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