Friday, March 8, 2013

Winter's End

Eager for spring, though pretty disappointed that the big "Snowquester" was a weather bust, we are plodding along through muddy March celebrating every early daffodil we find. 

Here's just a little bit of life found on my camera...

"Please stop working and play with me."
Homeschooling with a puppy has been more of a challenge than I expected. 
But he is so sweet, and so loved. And SO patient with these two.
An engagement brunch for Regis and Lydia. These are the few that stayed to the very end...
and got to take home the leftovers... yum. We will make our first trip ever to Kansas City for the big event in May. The bride and groom are the tall, beaming ones in the center. 
This toy is always in someone's hands. 
Our current read-alouds. Really I just wanted a picture of that darling Robin Hood cover. I would buy that book just for the cover. The inside is pretty great, too.
This cutie lost his front tooth on his birthday and I failed to get a picture until recently.
That big tooth beat me to the toothless photo op.

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  1. Liked this post and will check out the books to read aloud



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