Monday, March 11, 2013

Our Chore Chart

Finally, we found something that works.

I pulled this together last summer desperate for a system that was easy for to kids to use and simple for me to maintain. Day-of-the-week-chores that seem never seem to line up with real life were just not working. When Hannah is supposed to clean the guest bath on Fridays and we have people over for dinner on Thursday... or Tuesday... or both... well, that just doesn't work. And sometimes the dishwasher needs to be emptied and sometimes it doesn't. You know what I mean. 

What I love about this system is that right before I go to bed I can assign chores that need to be completed the next morning. And there is piano practice up there, too. I'm afraid that seems a little like a chore to them some days. When the kids complete their chore they just move the clothespin to the other side. Oh, and if I think of a new chore I don't have to redo the whole thing - I just add a new clothespin. The chores that aren't assigned for that day hang out on the bottom. 

Peter's chores (he's 7) are more specific. They all have to make their beds in the morning, but Peter sometimes needs to be prompted. He often carries around his clothespins as reminders until he completes all his chores. It's easy to get distracted with all the loud piano playing going on. 

I used a thin wooden board I found in the basement, painted it, duct taped a ribbon to the back, and attached it to the top of the basement door with thumb tacks. Simple as that. Finally, chore chart success! 


  1. Genius. I should make one of these for my kid-free self! And then follow the Peter plan of clipping the clothespins to myself until I do the work. :)

  2. So clever. Thanks for sharing!

    Pinning to my Pinterest board.

  3. Great idea- and I agree with Michele, I could benefit from Peter's plan too. Then maybe I could walk into a room without forgetting why I went there to begin with :)
    BTW, we are coming to MD after Easter this year, will you be around?

  4. and I wasnt even going to read blogs today! That is very smart... my problem is the same thing the chores not meshing with life! ARggg! Thanks! I going to work on implementing it THIS weekend!



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