Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Little Hula Action

He wasn't keen on the idea, but he got over it and wore the skirt. Love that kid.


Passing this along for you to enjoy...

A friend forwarded me this post from Kelle Hampton likening 'fitting it all in' to the Kentucky Derby. Funny... and true.

My fitting it all in works a bit like the Kentucky Derby. It's a constant race of horses that pull forward and fall behind. They all have their turn eventually of running free and confidently from the front lines, but the poor derby announcer’s frantic commentary is always changing:

“And Family Dinners is in the lead but here comes Sir Craft a Lot from behind with Jog in the Morning gaining quickly. Date Night’s coming in at fourth with Alone Time only five lengths behind. But wait! Family Dinners is falling in the far turn while Playing with her Kids takes the lead and here comes Writing at Night moving fast into third while Read for Pleasure comes down the center of the track!” And I would spare you the heart palpitations and tell you the outcome, but the race never ends. And that’s what makes it work. I never have to feel guilty for the poor horse that didn’t get his rose wreath because every horse has a chance to feel the hooves-slamming glory of First Place—even if it’s just for a little while.

read the whole post here

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