Thursday, September 15, 2011


It has always been one cup, maybe two every morning.

I like my coffee hot and unless I am sitting down focused only on finishing my cup of hot coffee, it's not good to the last drop in my mind. And microwaved coffee that already has milk in it... bleh! So down the drain the lukewarm coffee goes. My new favorite drink doesn't have those issues.

Now I realize the season of wanting a tasty, *hot* beverage in my hands at all times is quickly approaching (so thankful for the extra hot option at Starbucks), but I'm excited about a new love in my life. Iced coffee. NEVER have I been a fan of cold coffee, but after reading what Pioneer Woman had to say about it I decided to give the cold-brewed method a try.

It is seriously amazing. My husband and I have had more caffeine in the past few weeks than we have had in years. If we have seemed a little jittery, you now know why. Decaf iced coffee is in our future.

Here's the link:
Perfect Iced Coffee

I make half a batch - which fills two pitchers with the might-as-well-be-gold coffee concentrate.


  1. Have you heard of Dandy Blend? it's an herbal coffee made from chicory and dandelion and it is wonderful!!! I've been drinking it as iced coffee like crazy all summer. The best part? Because it is made with herbs, it is actually good for you and no jitters. If you contact the company, they will send you a free sample. Let me know if you try it; I really want to know what you think.

  2. That's Josh's new love, as well. That Pioneer Woman, she knows her stuff!

  3. I have recently been a convert myself thanks to PW. Never thought, I'd like it cold....was wrong ;)



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