Sunday, August 8, 2010

Florida Vacation

We're back home! We all spent two weeks in Florida with my parents. I just love vacation.

12 long hours on I-95. The kids are great on long trips. We help the day along with lots of junky snacks from gas stations. It's the kids' day to pick what they eat (except, of course, the healthy sandwiches brought from home). Let's just say... lots of Cheetos.

Right away we had some fun cousin time (my sister's kids). Peter was too grumpy to be photographed.

My little sis, Allison.

A little local touring... the St. Augustine Lighthouse.

Peter was too short to be allowed up. Maybe next time.

More local fun... The Alligator Farm.
A little freaky.

This woman has a crazy job. The kids loved this alligator feeding show.

We got to meet a new little friend, Abigail. So beautiful!

Angie and I got to spend a day together. It was so nice to have time to catch up with longtime friends. And to have them over to my parents' house... just like we are back in 7th grade, except now our kids swim together while we chat.

Certain things are must dos when I am home... I must eat fried shrimp in a place that looks like this. This is actually the spot of my parents' first date.

We took the kids to mini-golf at the beach. It was unbearably hot, but all three of them keep reporting to friends that it was a highlight of our trip.

And we went back to Sea World. Another way-too-hot day. (Did I really grow up in that heat?) The misters were a big hit. I think we spent $40 on bottled water.

We ended our day in Orlando with the Redds. It was great to be with Scott and Jenn and the girls, eat a good meal, and cool off before heading back to my parents'. I think the heat had gone to my head... I didn't even take my camera in their house.

Big news! Peter is now officially a swimmer! The kids are in and out of the pool all day when we're there. It's a big relief to have them all swimming on their own.

A day at the beach with the Faisons. Peter was less sure about the ocean.

These three never got out of it.

Mowing the lawn with Grandpa. Always big fun.

Speaking of my dad, he spend a lot of time by the grill. We eat very well down there.
My dad and I love to cook together. A new favorite recipe that we made twice is Barefoot Contessa's Grilled Panzanella. Amazing!

My mom and I worked on a sewing project (I'll post photos soon). I'm learning. It's getting easier... well, especially when my mom is right there.

We had a great time away! Lots of being together, rest, reading, catch-up time, touring around, time in the water, and playing.

Now it's time for me to finish some summer projects and do some serious school planning. Summer goes by so quickly....


  1. Yes, I agree-- summer goes by *way* too quickly, and for some strange reason, this summer seems to have flown by even more so!

    Ah well, welcome home, and congrats to the new swimmer! Looks like you guys had a glorious time-- surely just what the doctor ordered before summer's end!

  2. do you think your parents would let us come vacation at their house for two weeks? :) I wish "going home" meant the beach and a back yard pool for us too... of course I do live 35 min from the beach and we have yet to go this summer. Something about taking a 6 month old to the beach just does not appeal!

    I just looked at the calender, only 3 weeks left of summer! :(

  3. I enjoyed spending time with you guys so much!!! I love that Hannah and Sarah Mae played so well together. She loves Hannah. YOu have an amazing family, we love you guys!!

  4. Looks like so much fun! You and your sister look so much alike and are so beautiful.

    You went to St. Augustine? We live in Jacksonville. :)

  5. Jen, absolutely love the photos. You're amazing.




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